Old Desk Make Over - The Reveal!

And here is my finished desk!

Let me remind you what I started with ...

I started with the drawers, firstly glueing all the cracked drawers, then sanding and giving them an undercoat and a couple of overcoats of Antique White USA.  The insides of the drawers were very dirty so they were also sanded and painted.

The desk had no handles or hardware, so I purchased keyhole faceplates for the top drawers, which I spray painted black and attached.  I painted some wooden drawer knobs white and attached rub ons for the graphics, then gave them a coat of Modge Podge to protect them. 

The lower 4 drawers I purchased these cute black scolloped drawer pulls.

The body of the desk required a good sanding and cleaning.  Then was given an undercoat and 2 overcoats.

The top of the desk I decided to sand all the blue paint off down to the raw wood, then applied 3 coats of black stain and varnish to show through the natural wood.

As a finishing touch I added this adorable turquoise polkadot laminate to the insides of the drawers.

In the end I decided not to distress the paint as I actually liked the neat look of the finished paint.

I'm thrilled with the outcome of my first big project!

Just a reminder, I went from this ...

To this... 

It's a keeper! :)


  1. Beautiful transformation, I want polka dot laminate in all my drawers now! So cute. The white paint with the dark top is great. Very nice.


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