Numbered Drop Cloth Cushions

Love my new cushions and if I have to be honest, they were so, so, so simple to make. :)

I recently purchased some drop clothes from the hardware store in an endeavour to create lovely drop cloth couch covers.  The project itself was a success, however they just seemed to keep coming untucked on the lounge! (No thanks to hubby and 2 bouncing kiddies.) Being the neat freak that I am, it became more of a burden than a decor blessing.  So, I decided if I was going to have canvas drop cloth (which I love, love, love) on my couch, it would have to be in the form of cushions. :)

Firstly I cut out 3 envelope design cushion covers and sewed them together.  Very easy.  A quick Google will bring up many tutes for doing this. :)

Next I opened Photoshop and printed up very large numbers 1 to 3.  Using my cutting knife I cut out all the letters and was left with numeric stencils.

I taped the stencils to the centre of the front of the cushions, then lined the inside with cardboard.  This was a very good move, because the fabric paint did soak through!!!  I used a dabbing brush and dabbed the number stencils, to create a more worn or aged effect.  I then left them to dry.

After turning them all inside out, I ironed over the back of the numbers to heat set the paint.

Then, turned them right way out and put in my cushion fillers.

Ta da!

The finished product ....

And they match the black leather lounge perfectly!  So chic!  These are definitely keepers. :)  

x Julie